This Leader Says Harming One -Harms Us All

Ocean Passion Series

Welcome to our "Ocean Passion Series" where we are interviewing ordinary people doing extraordinary actions for the ocean. We believe learning from others can help our own life become more engaged and inspired. This week our guest is living in the east coast of USA and believes all the strength comes from the heart.



Hey Kevin! Can you tell us about yourself and where you are in the world ?


Sea Shepherd   My name is Kevin, I am the chapter organizer for Sea Shepherd Philadelphia, and helped start this chapter in 2010.

Oh wow you're a leader in the ocean world for Sea Shepherd! That is awesome! How long have you known your passion for the ocean and can you remember what brought it to the surface?

I would not say my passion for the ocean is any stronger than my passion for the mountains, or deserts, or any other place on earth actually. I love, admire, and have deep respect for all of mother earth and all of the creatures that live upon her. 
My path as an eco-activist began in 1985, when I was living in San Francisco, and needed a job. I saw an ad in the newspaper that Greenpeace was hiring, and had always admired their actions, especially with the seal hunt in Canada. I scheduled an interview with them, and offered to go to Canada to spray the baby seals with dye to make their fur commercially worthless. It was at a time when the hunt was no longer happening perhaps.
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We are grateful for all you are doing for us. Can you do the same for all other animals too? I decided that day to become vegan.~Kevin Starboard
They asked if I was willing to be a Greenpeace canvasser instead, and go door to door collecting funds. I said sure, and over the next few years knocked on thousands of doors in the Bay Area. 
Along the way, we also got to do actions, including blocking up a Chevron outflow dam, where thousands of gallons each day would go into SF Bay. For our efforts, Chevron had us arrested, and pressed charges. At our trial, the jury found us not guilty. 
I kept going from that point on.

Kevin Starboard

Incredible! So you have been doing earth action for 32 years now! That is just so amazing Kevin and we love it! With all those doors you have knocked we are sure you exposed a lot of issues of the ocean to new minds. Tell us what action do you do to give back or help the ocean?

Well, we have a very active Sea Shepherd chapter here in Philly, so we are constantly looking for events we can table at, show films, do beach cleanups, and generally educate the people on the state of the oceans, and of course, the earth.

Sea Shepherd Philadelphia

Brilliant! That is a great list of ideas that many of our readers can create in their own areas to help. You seem to be an awesome leader who is very active! Getting more personal Kevin tell us how has your passion for the ocean changed your thinking and your life?

Between Buddhist practice and activism, you truly realize that we are all one, and that we are all very intimately interconnected. Harming one, harms us all. 

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That is a statement that we at Pelagic Love deeply agree with Kevin. The interconnections on this earth are something we need to protect by not harming any. It is a web of life that we are a part of and losing one affects the web. With all of you action what ocean organization is your favorite and why?

Haha, is there anyone else besides Sea Shepherd??

Sea Shepherd

LOL! Yes with you as a leader for one of Sea Shepherd's Chapters we definitely know where your focus is and who you stand for. In your own words what would you like people to know that was a great lesson you have learned because of your passion? 

Don't buy a ticket to an aquarium, go vegan, and buy reusable items. Actually, it was the dolphins themselves that inspired me to become vegan. I was vegetarian, and getting deeply involved with the Taiji dolphin slaughter about 7 years or so ago. The dolphins will speak to you if you are open to receiving them. Out of the blue one day, this thought popped into my head "we are grateful for all you are doing for us. Can you do the same for all other animals too?"  I decided that day to become vegan. 

Dolphin Day

We love that! How you have really connected your spiritual self with your drive to help and protect life. To really listen and hear dolphins speak to you is just beautiful Kevin and how you changed your diet to help more animals. Thank you for such a connection. What would you have done differently to get you to where you are now that may help someone else get further into helping the ocean?

I would have hopped aboard a Sea Shepherd ship years ago, when I was much younger!
Japanese Protest

Oh how amazing would that be to sail the open ocean with such a passionate conservation organization! If you would like to join Sea Shepherd as a Crew Member please go HERE and fill out your application and start your journey for the ocean. Thank you Kevin for sharing such a great life you have been living! From knocking on doors for Greenpeace to Leading the Philadelphia Chapter for Sea Shepherd. Keep up the great work and we will be watching your passionate work!

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