I Sing To The Ocean Whenever I'm Near It

Ocean Passion

Welcome to our "Ocean Passion Blog Series" where we are interviewing ordinary people doing extraordinary actions for the ocean. We at Pelagic Love want to show you that anybody can be what they imagine just by putting action to their thoughts. This week our guest is Song Jaki and says "I sing to the ocean whenever I'm near It."


Bonjour Jaki! Thank you for joining us today. Let's just start with a bit of background for our readers and ask you to introduce yourself.

Song Jaki My name is Jaki Song, singer/ songwriter/stylist. Born in Seoul Korea, raised in California, high school in Las Vegas and was an entertainer most of my life until my son was born. I stopped my band and tours to raise my child in Montreal, Canada.



You have definitely lived like a musician from how much you have travelled in the world. So let's get down to business Jaki and talk about the ocean and you. How did your passion for the ocean come about?

I have always been passionate about the ocean, for its awesome beauty and always felt the power and connection. Five or more years ago I was introduced to the movie "The Cove" I was so moved by it, and felt the Urgent call for its protection not only for the ocean water but for all life in it. I realized just how important it is that our oceans survive,  just as our planet that are so fragile today. I believe only we humans can do something about it.


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That documentary has changed a lot of minds since it won an oscar award back in 2009. We are very happy you were one of the minds changed. Since you had your mind opened to the dolphins being killed in Japan tell us what action do you do to give back or help the ocean?

We must educate ourselves,and share information, be responsible and take actions to help all we can. When I go to the beach, my family and I would pick up garbage, fishing lines whatever that catches our attention that may cause harm to sea life. We will share information with others, attend demonstrations and fight for justice for cetaceans enslaved for human entertainment.  


I am a singer/song writer I have written and sang on these recordings to relay messages in my own way. I donated these songs to one of Sea Shepherd compilation CD.  I also shared information on radio interviews and blogs. I will do everything in my power to try and stop marine animal slavery such as dolphins, orcas and  many other marine species that are trapped in these bloody money hungry industries such as marine parks and circuses and zoos. 


Song Jaki


We absolutely love it when someone like yourself takes their passion head on and uses the skills they have! You have created words with music to relay the voices of the ocean to your followers. That is beautiful Jaki! Has your passion for the ocean changed your thinking and your life?

I think this  passion for ocean made me a better person. My heart and mind is so full of love and compassion not only for marine life but for all animals. Now I take more actions for the wellbeing of lives in the oceans and our world. My family also have learned and are passionate as I am.


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Being positive for what you believe in is definitely contagious and now the people around you are learning about the issues you fight for in life and music. What strengths or confidence has your passion brought out of you that would have been a fear otherwise?

I still have the fear of scuba diving but I fantasize about being under water. How beautiful it must be. However, I do sing to the ocean whenever I'm near the it. Especially one of the songs I wrote for the dolphins and whales, believe it or not, my family and I witnessed over and over, dolphins will come as if they were called. Once the whole pod came and danced in sync while one of them were watching me just floating on her side while I sat alone on the beach of California. It's real, It was so beautiful!  I have always been nervous to speak out in the public. But I have also learned that if I don't speak out because of my nervousness, then there will be one less voice to relay the message. I remind my self this every time I speak up, and this makes my voice louder and heard.


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How beautiful that connection is Jaki! You have taken your passions for the ocean to a new level. Thank you for sharing how dolphins come to you when you sing to the ocean. Wow! So Jaki tell us after the past 4-5 years of becoming so passionate with the ocean what ocean organization is your favorite and why? 

I have been following Sea Shepherd for awhile now and I support them 100%. Sea Shepherd's work around the globe has done so much, they have the guts, and take action in their own hands. They have support of many powerful people who care.  They are out in the open sea, patrolling international waters  protecting whales and oceans. I also want to mention Mr Richard O'Barry, Jane Goodall, and so many more wonderful passionate people.


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We know it is so hard when you are in a passionate movement to name only one organization or person. Thank you for supporting Sea Shepherd and mentioning big names in the world that fight for animals. For our readers please tell us in your own words what would you like people to know that was a great lesson you have learned because of your passion?

Definitely! Don't buy a ticket to Aquariums, Zoos and circuses. Don't support blood money gained from slavery.  Animals are like us, they have families, babies, mothers, fathers and siblings, they can feel. Don't throw garbage on the beach and please recycle. Research and educate yourselves. If you can't be directly part of an organization then support these organizations any way you can. 


Jaki Song


I am sure our readers can take that advice and create change in their own life to better the area around them. Next thing is what would you have done differently to get you to where you are now that may help someone else get further into helping the ocean?


To begin, educate the children, teach them to love all living beings.  Get involved with good organizations. Share what you feel and have learnt with people around you. I now have many musical friends who are getting involved in writing music for awareness.  


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Jaki we want to thank you deeply for taking your skills of singing and songwriting to bring more awareness to your ocean passion. You have shown us that if we all just use our own personal skills no matter what they are to help the ocean and its inhabitants the world would be a better place. Thank you for sharing your passion!!

Our next guest on the Ocean Passion Blog Series will be a lady named Jo Small from Australia. Jo is the co-coordinator of Sea Shepherd South East  (South Australia). Remember every Wednesday we'll have a new inspiring journey from a person as unique as us.

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  • After years of learning and supporting ocean organizations, this blog interview has reminded and encouraged me once again to continue my writing. Thank you Pelagiclove for all the great work you are doing. Can’t wait to read about all the brave people in your blogs and I’m very honored to contribute to these awesome blogs. Beautiful jewelry’s by the way. – Jaki Song

    Jaki Song

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